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Factory evaluation

We count with a database of more than 150 qualified suppliers with a total combined workforce of more than 50,000 workers. We ensure our suppliers compliance by scheduling yearly audits and factory assessments. No production takes place, unless a factory has passed our initial factory evaluation report and our follow up yearly audit. Our evaluation report is proprietary and comprehensive, it covers qualitative factors (machinery, workers, quality control procedures, etc) and social compliance (worker’s wages, records and working conditions, environmental, etc). Many of our suppliers have ISO and ICTI certifications.


 Our suppliers are also qualified and categorized to meet various production processes which include injection molding, blow molding, plush stitching, metal stamping, laminate welding, printing, ic fabrication and light electronic assembly.  Several of our suppliers have cold packing rooms which guarantee dust free production and packing, suitable for in-pack food promotions.

dust-free assembly workshop__ 12 hand stitching workshop plastic assembly department                                                                                    iso-9001-2000