The Cafe Starz are a lovely bunch of girls with beautiful hairstyles who love all things coffee. They're also social media super stars! Discover one today and share the love.


Café Starz Commercial


Cafe Starz to collect!

Sarah Zucchero

Karina Creme

Rosie Roast

Norma Noisette

Dopio Denise

Minty Mindy

Becky Black

Jessie Blonde

Flavia Firenze

Kelly Kona

Cherry Au Lait

Beth Viennois

Maria Machiatto

Rina Roma

Angie Livanto

Valerie Carmel

Cinna Cindy

Martha Mocha

Sally Sucre

Elsa Espresso

Avina Latte

Kimmie Swirl

Daria Dolce

Honey Heather

How to open your Cafe Starz capsule

What else is included?

Available in single packs too!

Cafe starz travel mug pdq mock up.png

...and refill packs!

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Cafe starz refill cup pdq mock up.png