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Chocotinis are the cutest little sweeties around! These are the tinniest of the Petsburg pets and they come from the deliciously wonderful Candy Forest! The Candy Forest is a magical land hidden between the realms of the cute and the sweet. If you've got a Chocotini you're in luck because that is the only way you'll be able to see this enchanted place. Otherwise it's invisible! Make sure to collect them all! 

The Story

Meet the Chocotinis!

Tv Commercial

Chocotinis are hiding in many

different places!

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Travis Turtle
Sweet Forest Fluffy
Ribbet Genache
Henrietta Hen
Koala Candy Creme
Kandy Koala
Choco Pup
Almond Allie
Milky Mouse
Sherri Almond
Kitty Choco Creme
Choco Chuck
Silky Mouse
Caramel Critter
Black Forest Fluffy
Sweet Berry Delila
Kitty Cream Crunch
Nilla Bird
Bite Size Dan
Barry Coco
Butter Bob
Beary Tart
Tara Truffle Bite
Savory Sadie
Chocolate Swirly Squirrel
Peanut Butter Buddy
Choco Chimp
Monk Cremino
King Creme
Canary Caramel
Carol Creme
Amaretto Pup
Cotton Candy Mouse
Raspberry Quack
Cherry Truffle
Truffle Kitty Katy
Milk Chococat
Dark Choco Rocko
Choco King
Butter Bob
Choco Beary
Beary Choco
Bon Bon Birdie
Truffle Turtle
Monty Mindy
Ruffle Truffle
White Mouse Woof
Sammy Sweet
Bunny Tart Sally
Bun Bun
Hop-Top Brulé
Truffle Toad Tom
Freddie Frog
Choco Chick
Choco Doodle Dee
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