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Mango Smoothie Cake
Hot Chocolate
Beary Frosty
Peaches' n Cream
Cherry Cuddly
Fresh Sweet Berry
Caramel Berry
Lemon 'Nilla
Beary Lime
Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake
Strawberry Chill
Candy B. Nana
Bear Mocha
Lychee Love
Passion Cake
Coconut Frappe
Banana Twirlcake
Smooth Berry Chill
Rasp Beary Chocolate Kiss
Straw Beary Cream
Cute Berry Swirl
Watermelon Kiss
Choco Berry Twist

The Story

These little teddies may be mini but they have a giant personality! They'll first appear to you like colorful little cupcakes but once they sense that you're a caring person they'll flourish into cute little bears! Sweet and lovely Cupcake Bears!

TV Commercial

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Collect all the cute Cupcake Bears!

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