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The Cool Cats are the coolest cats around! These cute felines hail from the outskirts of Petsburg in a land so vast it's begging for some company (psst..we're talking about you). These magical kitties have developed the incredible ability to transform into wonderful ice creams but they'll only let you see them if you show them how much you care by giving them a home to sweeten up! 

The Story

Collect all the cute kitties!

Choco Luna
Sweet Corn
Kitty Cup
Bubblegum Berry
Midnight Citrus Swirl
Pop Berry Cream
Cindy Scoops
Lucky Swirl
Choco Kitty
Charley Scoops
Berry Stripes

Choco Luna

Bold and Brave! Choco Luna know how to deliver! She's always bringing the best attitude and gives any event that lasting flavor that leaves wonderful memories. 

Sweet Corn Cutie

She's the sweetest of the litter but don't be fooled, she's got one attitude. But don't worry! As long as you don't mess with her friends you'll be fine. That's the thing about here; She'll do anything to protect her friends.

Kitty Cup

Being the shy one Kitty Cup doesn't really say much but when she does she always has the best ideas! Classicly beautiful black and white coat and she transforms into a delicious looking vanilla carmel cup. 

Bubblegum Berry

Bright and bubbly! That's how Bubblegum Berry rolls! Always cheering everyone up and keeping the positive attitude in the group.

Midnight Citrus Swirl

When you're ready for a night out make sure you have Midnight Citrus Swirl on your side! He'll make sure to get you into the coolest places and you'll eat the sweetest most delicious foods ever! He seemingly knows everyone and can get the inside scoop on the latest and coolest things!


Charley Scoops

Double-scooped awesomeness! That is something Charley Scoops would say. Always looking for the next thrill. He's into extreme sports and long naps. Good combo I'd say being that he's so active. Play hard, sleep hard is his motto!

Pop Berry Cream

This little kitty has best of the both worlds! She's a pop culture queen and yet she's as chill as a scoop on a cone by the beach.

Mint Purr-stachio

With such a unique flavor it's no wonder this kitty has such unique outlook on his 9 lives! There's absolutely nothing that can bring this cat down. Spilled some ice cream? No problem! 
Rainy day on your party? No problem! Stuck in traffic? No problem! Stachio's got nothing to worry about! Or maybe he just knows that nothing is worth getting flustered over.

Lucky Swirl

If you're balancing on a tight rope or playing the lottery make sure you're with Lucky Swirl. For some strange reason this kitty just brings luck everywhere he goes! Maybe it's his can-do attitude or his laid back mentality but one things for sure: He's as loyal and supportive as any kitty can be!

Cindy Scoops

Take a walk on the wild side with this two-scoop cutie. This little guy, believe it or not, has some tiger genes in him, hence the stripes and that cool attitude. 


Choco Kitty Cone

Rocky has a leaders attitude. He knows how to set himself apart from the pack but is also the glue that keeps them together. He's sweet and friendly and has a warm heart. After all he magically transforms into yummy cinnamon roll!


Berry Stripes

Cousin of Cindy Scoops, Berry's got a wild attitude too! Berry likes exploring and being sneaky just like his wild ancestors. One of his favorite places to explore is the woods. So many branches to climb and little critters to chase he never get's bored!


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