The kid is finally asleep but now you have to clean up the room. Can you do it quietly or will you wake him up?

These pesky roaches have been eating up all your food! Can you use the roach blaster to get them or will they run off with your lunch?

Engage in a battle at sea against your opponent in this fun strategic game! Use the blow cannon to sink your opponent's ships.

Spiders usually love lunch time but Nancy the spider has too much on her plate! Literally! Help her slim down her diet a bit or her web will topple over.

Navigate through the world's busiest ports, load as many containers as possible onto the ship, own shipping routes and bankrupt other players to control global shipping. Learn about the world of shipping in this exciting game that involves real-world shipping situations.

Land 3 in a row on your opponent's hat in this new twist of the classic game, Tic-Tac-Toe!

This year for Christmas you've got a sad little Christmas tree...but you can help brighten it up by decorating it with ornaments. But watch out! Be careful not to add too many ornaments on one side or the tree will fall!


A treasure trove of rubies and gems lies on the walls of a mysterious basket. Can you remove the gems safely or will you awaken what lies within the basket?

Tim the thief logo R2.png

Someone has stolen all of your belongings and now you've found him relaxing on a hammock! Can you take back what's yours without waking the thief?


The monkeys are stranded on a remote island and they're starving for those delicious looking bananas. Can you help the monkeys onto the banana bunches or will all the monkeys fall?

You're at a restaurant and you've placed your order but the waiter is new and inexperienced. Will the order arrive in one piece or will the waiter fail and drop all the items?

The volcano is about to erupt and the dinos are in danger! Can you get them to safety or will they be caught in the lava?

You're starving in the middle of the desert and stumble upon the most delicious treat; a bowl of nachos! However, they're being guarded by a nasty cactus that wants to keep them for himself. Will you manage to take some from him or will he catch you with his prickly arms.

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