Over the haunted hills and the petrified forest lays a legendary sacred ground that was once used to for ancient ritualistic ceremonies. Full of magic and incantations the forefathers of this magical land set forth a spell that brought life to the yummiest (and spookiest) treats around! Out of these spells rose the Spooky Snacks! As spooky as they are they're just as sweet and loving! They're not after your brains but your heart (figuratively speaking of course). Show these little guys some love and you'll never be bored to death again!


Fangcake Sherman

Breakfast has never been so…spooky! With Fangcake around you're sure to have stacks of fun! While he may be of the vampire sort you can rest assured he is safer than a teddy bear. He craves pancakes and strawberry syrup!

Franklin Patch

Nothing spookier than a pumpkin in the foggy night…not really! Franklin's just a pumpkin and he transforms into a hotdog! How scary can he be? Not very scary actually. Hang with him and you're in for a treat!


Meet Boo! Oh, sorry. Did he scare you? That's the thing with Boo. He just wants to be everyones friend but his name alone scares them away. Maybe you could show him what  good friendship is like?


Never before has there been a shake with so much life. From the depths of the smoothy graves comes Hankenstein! He's alive and ready to party! Befriend this scary dude and you'll be dancing day and night!

Dr. Acula

Batty Cake Batty Cake

Not feeling too hot? Feeling a bit under the weather? No fear! Dr. Acula is here! He'll fix you up and cheer up! He's always got a positive attitude and never brings the group down!

Board to death? No worries! Batty Cake has all the games! Board games, card games, party games you name it! He knows them all. Bring him to your next party if you can catch him flying around.

Warewoof Wally


Awoooooo! That's Wally howling at the moon. He's a real party animal. Especially cuz his transformative stage is a pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? Catch this pup for a fun day!

Moobella has a way of seeing things that'll  leave you craving more! She's all about good vibes and tasty treats. 

Yummy Mummy

Wrapped in yumminess is Yummy Mummy. All the way from egypt this guy is in eternal search for someone to share his meals with. But don't worry, he's a sweetatarian.

Samantha Greensbury

She's a cute little old lady who just wants to share her creations with the world. She experiments and creates the most wonderfully delicious sweets straight from her cauldron. No eye of newts here!


Sleeping all day and exploring all night! Luna is fueled by moonlight and all things night. However, if she stares at a full moon she'll transform into a cupcake. Nothing wrong with that!


Jumpin and swinging! This guy just loves to hang from…pretty much anything! Give him a fry and he's off! There's stopping' this hopper. Once he hops he can't be stopped! 

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