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Wild Cakes are the sweetest and the wildest group of the bunch! They're fun and eager to play! Like all pets from the Magical Candy Forest in Petsberg they need your care and attention and if they sense you have a loving soul they will open up to you and when they do they'll reveal their super cute, super sweet side!

The Story


Sweet Puff Sarah

Short and plump, Sweet Puff Sarah knows the sweetest sweets for your sweetie! From how they made to which ones pair best with your meal, this Wild Cake will surely show you what a truly tasty treat is like!


For those chocolate seekers Bunny Choco is the Sweety to talk to! Choco's in his name and all things chocolate are his game! From the history to the future, this little guy will school you on chocolate and all it's glorious variations!

Bunny Choco Cake

Shortcake Sherman

Sherman's got the inside scoop on all things cake! You see, he's a former CIA operative (Cake Intelligence Agency). So, as the good cake informant he was you can ask him anything about cake and he'll give you an answer. Or, you can invite him over for cake and tea (which is his favorite). He loves a good slice with his tea!

Swirley Shirley

This sassy little swirl girl has got a sweet tooth for all this fun! Always looking for the next fun attraction, food, place, book, movie, anything really! When you're hanging with Shirley you can be sure you'll have memories to last a lifetime!


Cream Puff Patty

This wild one at times has a hard time fitting in but once you get to know her she's as sweet as the filling in a cream puff! She's all about never giving up and if you don't give her a chance to open up to you you'll see exactly how awesome and kind she is!


If you're looking for adventure look no further! Sweet Berry Fin knows the land like the back of the sweetest cake treat you know! He'll show you something new every day!

Sweet Berry Fin

Looking for something different? This little guy has just the thing. Just like his transformative counterpart, the fruit tart, his can do attitude is so contagious you can't help but get up and do something! Tackle something fun! tackle something worthwhile! These are just snippets of what Timmy instill in others.

Fruit Tart Timmy


For a more southern kind of sweetness Jimmy Swirlin has what you're looking for. He's got that certain kind of twang in his style and he's one great baker! That's right he bakes and he uses only the sweetest, most wild ingredients.

Jimmy Swirlin



This little cutie is the shy one of the group. He keeps to himself most of the time but once he gets to know you he's actually a little bit crazy in the best way possible! He's artistic and musical so if you enjoy being creative this is your new best friend.

Brandy Brownie

For that sweet chocolatey flavor go to Brandy Brownie! Her ability to transform into a brownie, a strawberry brownie, is unparalleled! She adds that special twist to any place she goes. 

Whoa, watch out! Here comes Wild Lemon William with his hyper attitude and positively lemon ways! He's really got a way with his wild instincts and that's why he's so lemony sweet! He really is the kindest Wild Cake there is.

Wild Lemon William

E. Claire

E. Claire, or simply E as her friends call her, is the cutest koala you'll ever meet! Just like her transformative side, an eclair, she's sweet on the outside and even sweeter in the inside!


Un-Boxing video


So many ways to find them!

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