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Buddy Roll

Buddy Roll is Rocky's brother. He tends to stick by his side. Wherever Rocky goes Buddy goes. He's just as adventurous as Rocky only a little more cautious. He's learned not to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. His alter ego is a sugar roll!

Rocky Roll

Rocky has a leaders attitude. He knows how to set himself apart from the pack but is also the glue that keeps them together. He's sweet and friendly and has a warm heart. After all he magically transforms into yummy cinnamon roll!

Cutie Coissant

Cutie Croissant , or CC as his friends call him, is a unique pup! His have-fun attitude bring joy to any situation. He'll put a smile on your face in no time! That's why he relates the most to a croissant which resembles a smile.

Pretty Poodle

This lovely pup likes to go by Pippy. She loves to be the center of attention and for good reason; Who else can wear that fabulous coat better than her! She's most like a pink macaroon. Pretty, petite and sweeter than sugar! 


This lovable pup is the baby of the pack. He mostly keeps to himself but that doesn't mean he doesn't stand out! He's the shy but oh-so-loving type and he'll never leave your side once he get's to know you. Small, a sweet just like a chocolaty macaroon. 

Sweety Petey

This pup can be a sweetheart when he's friends with you but don't mess with his friends because he's always protecting them. He's sort of a body guard for the pack and cares very much for his fellow pups. Befriend this lil guy and he's sure to have your back in the RUFFest of times. 

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Spots is the playful one! He's always getting into some sort of mischievous fun and always having a positive attitude about it too! No matter the situation he'll find something to wag his tail about. You'll find he's a BERRY fun pup!

Pastry Pup

Pastry Pup, or Pepe, while he may not seem like it, is the most outgoing of the Sweet Pups. He's always ready for a day at the park! He's bright and happy like the yellow macaroon he is!

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Caramel is the eldest of the bunch but don't let that fool you! This old pup has some new tricks. His wisdom and knowledge are fundamental to the pack making him a very valued and admired dog! He's a classic caramel croissant! 

Chewy Chihuahua

Chewy's the small guy! Everyone loves Chewy. He's got the cutest sounding bark and an attitude that will make you want to hug him and fear him! LOL. That's why he's a bold and sugary powdered croissant!


Rex is the responsible one in the group. He's always encouraging everyone to better themselves and to always look out for one another.  

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Raisin Pup

Last ,but not least, is the sweet lil Raisin Pup. His small stature may be deceiving for this little guy can run circles around you before you can say Raisin Croissant! The only thing on this guy's agenda is to have fun!

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The Sweet Pups are cute and cuddly puppies with the magical ability to transform into your favorite pastries! Sweet's in their name and cute is their game! These lovable pups gather every ounce of cuteness, love and magic there is all for one purpose: to make you smile.

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